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    Fujian Xinhuamin Seeds Co., Ltd. is located in Fuzhou city, Fujian Province. Its predecessor was Fujian Huamin Import and Export Co., LTD., which has nearly 20 years of experience in seeds import and export territory and is also an enterprise with the seeds import and export licensce authorized by Rural affair office of the Ministry of Agriculture .The company is mainly engaged in seeds import and export and agency service,acts as the wholesale, retailer and producer of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, grass seeds and seedlings, the company is also processing and exporting agricultural and sideline products.

    After years of accumulation, Fujian Xinhuamin seeds has now gathered a group of experienced, technical, professional, skilled professionals.At the same time, we have set up offices at major ports in Fujian Province, specially responsible for the customs clearance, entry-exit inspection and quarantine of seeds import and export, to provide professional, convenient and meticulous services for our customers.At the same time, with Fujian Province as the center, Fujian Xinhuamin Seeds has established a 130 mu of imported varieties planting base, and 30 mu of isolation planting special vegetable greenhouses.With Fujian province as the center, Fujian Xinhuamin seeds is rising steadily. The seeds import and export business not only covers the whole country, but also establishes good trade relations with the seed companies in nearly 10 countries such as France, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea and Thailand....

  • TEL0591-87543920
  • Address10F Huamin Building, NO.165 Hudong Rd, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian